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03 Jul 0 105
A perfect tasty proposal that suits every Sunday table either summer or winter. Serve with a fresh salad and iced beer.Toplou Carob honey  will give a special taste and aroma to our food.INGREDIENTS1.5-2 kg rooster (cut into pieces)OreganoSaltPepper100ml Olive oilLemon juiceJuice of an orangeFor bak..
10 Jun 0 121
In Crete in winter we drink a lot of  "Vrastaria". In other words, we drink tea made with a variety of Cretan herbs. These hot drinks  are considered medicinal for colds but also tonic for the body.In the summer we can leave these kettles to cool, add honey and ice cubes and enjoy a completely natur..
18 May 0 107
As our Earth is blooming today, we thought of making a colorful, delicious and healthy salad with beluga lentils & #miterra evoo!Feel free and get inspired using ingredients that you may have already in your kitchen!INGRDIENTSBeluga lentils boiledTunaFlorin peppersCarrotsFresh onionZest and juice of..
18 May 0 18
I didn't know melalevria, I confess. But when I tried it, I really liked it. Of course, in the taste of the brunette, the protagonist is honey, and in fact a very special honey, carob honey. It has a special taste, very rich, it is viscous and its color is dark. It is worth mentioning that carob hon..
18 May 0 19
Cakes are one of our favorite mornings. It's easy, it's done quickly and we put imagination into the materials. We marry honey with ginger, nuts, superfoods, fruits and everything else that impresses us.This time the ginger won us over and we immediately get ingredients to make it.INGREDIENTS220 gr...
27 Apr 0 16
Our veggie pie is healthy, fulfilling and delicious! We use only cretan pure products to cook it.INGREDIENTS FOR FILLING1 fresh onion1 common onionLots of SpinachParsleyDillLeeksFeta cheeceFOR THE PIE DOUGH50 ml Miterra Olive Oil500gr Flour300 ml Water2 ts Vinegar and some lemon juice dropsSalt and ..
27 Apr 0 19
Pancakes, but what pancakes! Cretan! Because we love pancakes very much and we always want to find new recipes to try them.So, I went to the main market to get our favorite Cretan graviera and got a piece of sweet mizithra or fresh cream cheese. And I thought, even the ricotta fit inside the pancake..
26 Apr 0 21
Eating unprocessed doesn’t have to mean eating flavorless.   These Skillet Poached Eggs with Spinach cooked with Extra Virgin Olive Oil Miterra are meatless, dairy-free and yet packed with protein and piquancy. Perfectly accompanied by #miterra barley rusks!INGREDIENTSEggsSpinachReshFresh onionsComm..
26 Apr 0 16
Skordalia is a traditional Greek dip that Greeks usually make to celebrate the Greek Revolution on March 25. It is delicious and usually accompanies cod. They often prefer it on the Greek table because of wonderful taste and the good benefits of garlic ih health..INGREDIENTS6 small boiled potatoesSa..
26 Apr 0 15
The donuts with honey are some of the sweets that everyone likes and when the honey is good they become breathtaking. This time I did something that my grandmother did, I added honey to the mixture and in fact the orange honey of Toplou but also orange zest for extra orange flavor. The result was ve..
03 Apr 0 65
We discovered the super beneficial balls. Boukia and sychorio… and whatever else your imagination puts! They are small, they are easy, they are healthy, they are delicious!INGREDIENTS120gr tahini60gr Toplou Orange honey65gr nutmeg50gr grated almond80gr couverture> 70% cocoa content100gr oatsThe reci..
03 Apr 0 10
Pastel is a traditional Greek dessert made from sesame and honey. Both of its ingredients are of high nutritional value and make it a pure, delicious dessert. We could say that pastel is a bar full of vitamins, calcium, phosphorus and many other ingredients useful for our body. It's a perfect idea f..
03 Apr 0 10
Every year from a young age, I remember, the most magical on Christmas days were the smells from mom's kitchen that made the whole house musk. We also start our recipes early to make sure everything is ready. The recipe of the day is semolina halva. The secret of the recipe to come out terribly spic..
03 Apr 0 19
The best, the most delicious, the most fluffy Pancakes. It is served to your loved ones with fresh seasonal fruits and nuts.MATERIALS100gr ground oats.70gr wholemeal flour.1 tbsp baking powder.1/2 kg cinnamon.300ml almond milk or goat's milk.1 tbsp Toplou Honey.1 kg vanilla.1 egg whiteHOW TO MAKE IT..
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