I didn't know melalevria, I confess. But when I tried it, I really liked it. Of course, in the taste of the brunette, the protagonist is honey, and in fact a very special honey, carob honey. It has a special taste, very rich, it is viscous and its color is dark. It is worth mentioning that carob honey is also extremely high in antioxidants, minerals and antibacterial properties.

But let's go back to the melalevria, it's a cream of flour with honey, like grape flour without the grape. As a first thought it is a bit strange but in taste it tears, believe me! If you are fasting or vegetarian this is your dessert! When I find such recipes with few ingredients, traditional and easy I always try them and they almost always surprise me with their simplicity and taste.


100 g Toplou Carob honey

100 g flour

350 ml of water


Sesame seeds