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Model: 0004082
MERLOT / SYRAHQUALITY WINEDry red wineThe wine comes from the region "KAKO POULI" northeast of the village.Ideal Merlot marriage with Syrah giving a blend of many tannins and intense fruity full of raspberry flavor.Winery: Louloudis Antonios..
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Model: 0004083
SAUVIGNON BLANCDry white wine from the excellent SAUVIGNON BLANC variety.It comes from the "Bad Bird" area northeast of the village of Dafnes.Responsibly enjoy a charming and elegant white wine with fruity aromas of green apple, herbs and citrus fruits.AWARDSThessaloniki | 201919th International Com..
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Model: 0004086
Moscat Spinas The beloved wine of the Great King, is an explosive mansion wine that impresses with the intense aromas of flowers and fruits. Rose, gardenia, peach and mango are dominated by a long-lasting aftertaste. AWARDS Thessaloniki | 2019 19th International Competition Medal bronzeWi..
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Brand: Louloudis Winery Model: 0004084
Variety: LiatikoPROTECTED GEOGRAPHICAL INDICATION - CRETERose DriedA "triumph" wine ready to lift your senses. Light, refreshing with intense dominance of aromas, fruits and flowers.Winery: Louloudis Antonios..
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Brand: Silva Daskalaki Winery Model: 00000
Dynamic combination of Syrah-Kotsifali varieties.Deep purple color, sweet nose with characteristic aromas of red fruits, vanilla and spices.Mouth thick and round with present tannins without aggression. Accompanies red meats, spicy spice sauces, yellow cheeses and cold cuts.Serve at 16-18 ° C.Winery..
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Brand: Silva Daskalaki Winery Model: 00000
Chardonnay-Vidiano variety combination.It is vinified with the ‘Pre-Fermentation Extraction’ method and matured for 4 months in French oak barrels.Rich and oily mouth with aromas of tropical fruits, citrus and sweet notes of vanilla. Accompanies yellow cheeses, frozen salmon dishes, lobster spaghett..
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Brand: Κτήμα Τοπλού Model: 0003999
The peculiarity of the natural environment of the Eastern tip of Crete, where the trees tilt obeying the northwest direction of the wind and the intense drought,gives a wild and at the same time exotic character to GERTO. The Monastery of Akrotiriani Toplou Sitia was a pioneer in the protection and ..
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Brand: Silva Daskalaki Winery Model: 00000
Combination of kotsifaliatiko-merlot varieties.Purple color, complex aroma of red fruit and caramel with small notes of spices and vanilla. Intense aftertaste, good structure long aftertaste. Accompanies varieties of cheese, red meats and grilled fillets.Serve at 15-17 ° C.Winery: Silva Daskalaki Wi..
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Brand: Silva Daskalaki Winery Model: 00000
Varieties: Kotsifali- Grenache rouge.Winery: Silva DaskalakiClear rose color with aromas of red fruit, freshness and vitality in the mouth, light structure with a persistent aftertaste.It accompanies varieties of cheeses, appetizers and white meats.Serve at 10 ° C...
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Brand: Silva Daskalaki Winery Model: 00000
Monovarietal, Spinach Muscat with special aromatic richness. Balance in the mouth with a persistent aftertaste.It is vinified by the ‘Pre-Fermentation Extraction’ method, followed by fermentation at low temperature.It accompanies excellent dishes of Greek cuisine, baked goods and white meats. Serve ..
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Brand: Κτήμα Τοπλού Model: 0003991
Samonius was called in antiquity the easternmost cape of Crete, near the famous ancient city of Itanos, from which the Apostle Paul sailed (Acts 27: 7), before disembarking at the Good Ports. Today it is known as Cape Sidero. The wild Cretan beauty of the cape of Eastern Crete, for centuries now, i..
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Brand: Silva Daskalaki Winery Model: 00000
Combination of Cabernet Sauvignon and Mandilaria varieties.Impressive combination of two separate varieties.Aging for 8 months in oak barrels. Wine with a strong taste.Accompanies varieties of cheese, red meats and grilled fillets.Serve at a temperature of 16-18 ° C.Winery: Silva Daskalaki Winery..
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