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Brand: Venus Secrets Model: 0001651
Venus Secrets Donkey 24 Hours Aloe / Panthenol SerumDonkey milk, argan oil, aloe and olive, panthenol combined with Aloe Vera, Pro B5 serum for youthful glowing skin,24 Hrs / Moisture - Aloe & Panthenol Serum. Moisturizing donkey milk, argan oil, aloe and olive serum for youthful glowing skin, s..
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Brand: Venus Secrets Model: 0001620
Venus Secrets Snail Extract 24 Hours Ultra Vitalizing SerumSnail extract, argan oil, aloe & olive for face and neck.24 Hrs / Nourishing Snail Extract SerumNourishing serum with snail extract, argan oil, aloe and olive for youthful and glowing skin, suitable for face and neck. Panthenol combined ..
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Brand: Olivie Model: 00000
Antiaging Face Cream. Firming and Antiwrinkle, for mature skin.With snail secretion, 100% organic olive oil and mastic extract.Deeply nourishing face cream that stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin and increases skin elasticity. The combination of glycogen and biomimetic peptide smooths ..
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Brand: Evergetikon Model: 0002433
With wild rose & rose concreteAntiage and revitalizing face cream. Its rich composition moisturizes, deeply nourishes and protects from the creation of free radicals that consist a factor of skin aging. It works preventing wrinkles and fine lines, at the same time softening the existing ones.App..
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Brand: Evergetikon Model: 0002728
With wild rose & ladanumFace serum enriched in nutrients with moisturizing, anti-aging and antioxidant properties.The constituents of high quality and effect: the wild rose causing cell regeneration, natural resource of A and C vitamins, combats wrinkles, the rose ladanum deeply nourishes the sk..
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Brand: Evergetikon Model: 0002445
Antispot Night Face Oil For Blotches with Sea Fennel & AchillesThe Sea Fennel acts in favor of the treatment and reduction of the number of the brown blotches, The lemon essential oil whitens the skin. Achilles is anti-inflammatory and acts antibacterially, regenerating the tissues of the skin.&..
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Brand: Body Farm Model: 0005031
Intensive care eye cream which provides instant lift and complete protection against wrinkles, fine line and swelling. The active ingredients of yoghurt such as lactose and proteins increase the moisture levels in the upper skin layers offering an anti-wrinkle effect, while the royal jelly achieves..
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Brand: Evergetikon Model: 0002416
For face, body and hair.For all skin types. Argan oil due to its high concentration in Vitamin E is an a very moisturizing, nutrient, anti-wrinkle and anti-age oil that helps the skin preserves its elasticity, firmness and young look. Palmιtic, Stearic, Oleic acids and Phytosteroles contained in Arg..
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Brand: Savidakis Family Model: 00000
The best natural medicine for skin, mouth, muscles. It has:- Antibiotic action- Anti-fungal action- Antihistamine effect..
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Brand: Savidakis Family Model: 0000
The best natural medicine for skin, mouth, muscles. It has:- Antibiotic action- Anti-fungal action- Antihistamine effect..
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Brand: Macrovita Model: 0001888
Calendula Officinalis | with vitamin EIt is not only extremely moisturizing and softening, but also constitutes an important aid in the process of natural regeneration of the skin, whenever required. Apply an adequate amount daily on the face and body, mainly on areas with very dry or dehydrated ski..
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Brand: Venus Secrets Model: 0001672
Venus Secrets Eye Serum- Cannabis & Argan Oil Anti-Age Oligopeptides With organic olive, cannabis oil, argan oil, aloe veraEye Serum with cannabis oil, argan oil, organic aloe vera and olive protecting the sensitive area around the eyes by keeping the skin compact and deeply moist..
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