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Face Cleaning

Brand: Evergetikon Model: 0002445
Antispot Night Face Oil For Blotches with Sea Fennel & AchillesThe Sea Fennel acts in favor of the treatment and reduction of the number of the brown blotches, The lemon essential oil whitens the skin. Achilles is anti-inflammatory and acts antibacterially, regenerating the tissues of the skin.&..
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Brand: Macrovita Model: 0001839
CLEANSING FACE MASK with olive oil & licoriceFor all skin types. Cleanses, tightens, softens and soothes the skin, leaving the epidermis with a luminous and velvety look.Olive oil* Licorice* Black oat RiceCoenzyme Q10 Sugars Cupuaçù oil Vitamin E Bisabolol ..
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Model: 0002421
Evergetikon Face Wash mith organic aloe and sea buckthornIt gently removes impurities leaving the face fresh and clean while it maintains a healthy balance on the skin.Aloe moisturizes and nourishes. Buckthorn is one of the highest natural sources of vitamin E and acts as a mild analgesic that disco..
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Brand: Evergetikon Model: 0002430
Makes gentle exfoliation removing dead skin cells.Face Scrub with Orange and ApricotHerbal oils, monoi oil, olive oil, almond oil moisturize the skin and provide antioxidant protection. Orange essential oil tones the skin and offers a radiant glow. Apply to clean wet skin with soft circular mov..
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Brand: Santo Volcano Spa Model: 0001909
Augusta is a natural soap that's enriched with activated carbon of high absorption that gently removes toxic impurities and leaves your skin smooth.Ideal for:FaceBodySuitable for:All skin typesActive ingredientsVolcanic waterActivated carbonOlive oilCalendula oilAlmond oilTrace elementsHow to useApp..
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Brand: Santo Volcano Spa Model: 0001904
The Santo Volcano Spa face and body peeling cream, rich in Volcanic water, Volcanic sand and Perlite, removes the dead skin cells and eliminates black spots. It rejuvenates and tones the skin and at the same time softens the wrinkles.Ideal for:FaceBodySuitable for:All skin typesActive ingredientsVol..
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Brand: Santo Volcano Spa Model: 0001919
A unique formulation which works in two ways- the oil phase lifts off makeup while the water phase refreshes and conditions skin without leaving any stickiness or oily residue. Gently cleans away even waterproof makeup. Ideal for sensitive skin and eyes.Ideal for:FaceEyesSuitable for:All skin typesA..
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Brand: Santo Volcano Spa Model: 0001912
The ultra-fine pure, active mist allows the skin to absorb beneficial Minerals, Trace Elements along with the Volcanic water and gives its unique composition to calm, soothe and soften the skin. Provides protection from facial redness, skin irritation, sunburn, dipper rash, removes make-up, ideal af..
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