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Brand: Macrovita Model: 0001823
Hair Tonic Shampoo with olive oil & rosemaryFor all hair types. Thanks to its mild cleansing and conditioning ingredients, cleanses hair gently, leaving it shiny and silky.Olive oil* Rosemary* Calendula Provitamin B5 (panthenol) *Bio88% INGREDIENTS OF NATURAL ORIGINDERMATOLOG..
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Brand: Macrovita Model: 0001822
Oil Control & Anti-dandruff Shampoo with olive oil & rosemaryShampoo for oily hair and dandruff. Thanks to its valuable ingredients regulating sebum secretion and combating dandruff, improves the health of the scalp, helping to balance oily hair, preventing at the same time the development o..
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Brand: Santo Volcano Spa Model: 0001916
The Santo Volcano Spa shampoo for all hair types gently cleanses the hair, giving shine and volume. Thanks to its highly active ingredients such as Volcanic water, minerals and trace elements, it increases hair elasticity and strength.Ideal for:Extremely dry areasAtopic-prone skin (psoriasis, eczema..
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Brand: Santo Volcano Spa Model: 0001917
The Santo Volcano Spa shampoo for dry/color-treated and damaged hair is a specially designed formula rich in volcanic water, organic olive oil and honey. It preserves and protects the hair colour from various external factors that can alter it such as the sun, the environment and the daily styling, ..
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Brand: Macrovita Model: 0001821
Shampoo Against Hair Loss with olive oil & gingerFor all hair types. Hydrates, nourishes and strengthens hair, stimulates hair root microcirculation and reinforces its growth.Olive oil* Ginger Red grape* Sage Μallow* Biotin (vitamin H) Trace elements Νa, Mg, Zn, Mn&..
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Brand: Evergetikon Model: 0002438
Shampoo For all types with Mint & LimeNatural shampoo for clean lively hair. 99% natural ingredients.Peppermint stimulates the head scalp. Combined with citrus lime, it cleans opening the skin pores, it reduces excess greasiness and helps the hair growth.It leaves a sense of rejuvenation.150ml&n..
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Brand: Evergetikon Model: 0002441
Natural shampoo for greasiness balance. 99% natural ingredients.The lemon essential oil that comes from the bark of a lemon, is ideal for oily scalp, it is a powerful astringent, it balances sebum on the skin, tightens large pores and keeps the skin fresh and clean. The combination with the rosemary..
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Brand: Body Farm Model: 0005026
Body Farm Tonic Shampoo Yoghurt and Royal Jelly 250mlThe active ingredients of yoghurt such as lactose and proteins offer deep hydration, soften and nourish the hair strand, while the royal jelly repairs and restores dry damaged hair. Specially-designed composition with natural Hyaluronic acid, clea..
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