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After Sun Care

Brand: Evergetikon Model: 0002424
With lavender & chamomile. 98% Aloe Vera.Refreshes and moisturizes dry, dehydrated skin, soothe irritation and and blotches caused by sun exposure. Strengthening the defense of the skin. The essential oils of lavender and chamomile soothe and soften the skin. Apply generously after sun expo..
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Brand: Macrovita Model: 0001832
Aloe vera gel WITH OLIVE OIL AND CHAMOMILECools, soothes, moisturizes, cares for dry, dehydrated and damaged skin and helps its treatment. Ideal skin care for after sun exposure.Olive oil* Aloe vera* Camomile* Sunflower oil* Calendula* Licorice* Provitamin B5 (panthenol..
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Brand: Evergetikon Model: 0002437
Aloe has a healing, antimicrobial, and moisturizing effect. It refreshes, regenerates and rejuvenates the skin.A perfect combination while applied under the creams evergetikon . It soothes cuts and scratches. Suitable for all skin types.50mlIngredients: Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice,Anthemis Nobi..
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Brand: Macrovita Model: 0001850
Suitable for extremely dry or/and dehydrated, irritated, with solar or thermal burns skin. Ideal for large surface application without the use of hands. Protects the cells and stimulates their natural renewal process, while also strengthening the hydrolipidic balance of the skin. Moisturizes, refres..
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Brand: Santo Volcano Spa Model: 0001911
Volcano Water Gel is a very cool, of light texture soothing gel that relieves dry, chapped, irritated and sunburned skin. Contains high concentration of soothing volcanic spring water and aloe vera. You will immediately feel your skin more fresh and calm.Ideal for:FaceBodySuitable for:For all skin t..
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Brand: Macrovita Model: 0001852
Soothing Cream with panthenol and olive oilFor all skin types. Ideal for the dry, sensitive and irritated after exposure to sunlight skin. Suitable also for infant use, and favored for use after cosmetic treatments. Hydrates, cools, soothes the skin, and supports its natural regeneration process.Oli..
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