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Baby Care

Model: 0002454
Help the baby relax and sleep better.The natural extracts of chamomile and lavender help the baby relax and sleep better, the almond oil treats and cares naturally for the baby’s skin. The rich oil protects from dryness and strengthens the skin’s natural barrier layer. Calendula treats and acts in a..
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Model: 0002453
The beeswax has (for centuries) been used as a drastic blocking acting on the skin surface, forming a protective film on the skin against irritations, while enabling it to breathe.Calendula that is contained, gently treats the skin and acts in a soothing way. Without any perfume, a cream that both m..
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Brand: Olive Spa Model: 0001936
Therapeutic Properties of Donkey Milk:It reduces skin irritation and the Vitamin A it contains helps repair damaged skin tissue. It erases wrinkles and provides anti-aging skin care. Due to its high levels of proteins, phospholipids and ceramides, it contributes to skin regeneration. Donkey Milk can..
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Brand: Olive Spa Model: 0002305
Soap with natural olive oil and almond oil extract ideal for sensitive child's skin, which cleans and nourishes effectively. Rich in moisturizing, softening and healing properties. It relieves ithing, dryness and irritations, moisturizes and softens the skin.Ideal for:FaceBodySuitable for:For childr..
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