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Chrisopigi Olive Oil 1lt

Chrisopigi Olive Oil 1lt
Chrisopigi Olive Oil 1lt
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By designing the packages for Chrysopigi olive oil, our goal was the aesthetic result to reflect our passion combined with the high quality of the product.

All the graphics symbolize something of us ...

The drop as a substance and appearance of olive oil.

The red heart realistically and symbolically. Love for the product, beneficial to our body, the heart of our diet.

Lol white because it is the basis. Add olive oil and flavors are transformed.

Olive oil is the heart of the Cretan diet. It was and is a product that, in times of crisis, it gave power, life and hope to its growers. At such a time, we made the decision to trust and highlight it. Continuing the efforts of our ancestors, we decided to invest in the extraordinary olive oil of this place.

A product directly linked to our Cretan, Mediterranean and modern lifestyle. A product that is the heart of our cuisine, culture and tradition. A product endowed with the benefits and capabilities we love and believe.

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